Apartment Analyzer

Apartment Analyzer 6.8

For ICI Agents, it eliminates calculation mistakes, prints the...

For ICI Agents, it eliminates calculation mistakes, prints the presentation reports and brochure, and speeds up negotiations by e-mailing the reports from within the program.

It maintains property confidentiality if carried on a laptop to show clients. Projections, potential, and comparison are tools in making a deal.

Investors can easily analyze and compare unlimited number of different investments, and compare the return to a saving account. Partners and investments groups can exchange proposals and strategies on the fly from their desktop.

Lenders would be interested in Cash Flow, Loan/Value, Debt Coverage, and Future Value of the loan. It will also assess the property potential.

Builders can check the feasibility of a contemplated project, by projecting all parameters of the property up to 50 years. Appraisers can verify value by income approach and comparable approach.

The user can store information about, and stay in touch with, owners and prospects by auto-dialing and e-mailing from within the program. Please note the amortization part is American amortization.

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Apartment Analyzer


Apartment Analyzer 6.8